Micro Seasons

Every 5 days marks the beginning of a new “microseason” which is at the heart of the book 72 Microseasons. The book encourages us (all of us) to go outside and pause for a moment to see what’s happening now, as we move from Winter to Spring. Here is a video by one of the authors, Joanna McPherson, describing how the book came to be: 

We will have a webinar every five days, following the dates in the book. Here is a link to the project calendar. On the day of that “microseason” we will see the authors tell their story, and then see the examples that others in this project have submitted showing what they see where they live, for that day. 


We will meet every week for 18 weeks on the following dates and times. You can join the Zoom meetings registering through Calendly here.

Dates (All times in MST):

  • Feb. 4th
  • Feb. 9th, 10-11am
  • Feb. 14th, 10-11am
  • Feb 24th, 1-2pm
  • Mar. 1st, 10-11am
  • Mar. 6th, 1-2pm
  • Mar. 11th, 10-11am
  • Mar. 16th, 9-10am
  • Mar. 21st, 9-10am
  • Mar. 26th, 12-1pm
  • Mar. 31st, 9-10am
  • April 5th, 9-10am
  • April 10th, 12-1pm
  • April 15th, 9-10am
  • April 20th, 9-10am
  • April 25th, 9-10am

You can view PowerPoints from others here. Consider giving them some feedback! Your PowerPoint will be shared with the community.

Micro Seasons Submit PowerPoint